HYSTERIA’s Haunted Farm feature attraction is not for the faint of heart. Trek through winding trails through a creepy cornfield, a horror filled forest, along the banks of a real swamp, and to an AUTHENTIC 17 Century Burial Ground. The sights, sounds, and smells you will experience at HYSTERIA’s Haunted Farm are unlike ANYTHING you have encountered at traditional indoor haunted houses. THIS is what REAL nightmares are made of.  Read More…  
Challenge yourself to complete the World Famous Corn Maze at Connors Farm. This attraction is NON HAUNTED and is safe for ALL AGES. The maze received international attention when a family “got lost” and called 911 to find their way out. Cling to your flashlight or use the moon as your guide. Although the maze is not staffed with actors, that won’t settle your nerves. The rustling of the corn in the wind and shadows on the path will convince you that you are not alone. Read More…  

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“Anyone can take a stranger’s money before dragging them into a dark room to make them scream. It takes more than a superficial understanding of what’s scary to make something special, and that’s exactly what the folks behind Hysteria at Connor’s Farm have achieved with their sprawling rural tribute to the best of the major holidays..” Read More
Listed as HauntWorld Magazine’s top 13 “Best Scream Park Haunted Attraction”   - HauntWorld Magazine

“The set up is amazing!!…The Haunted Cornfield was top notch! I felt like I was in a scary movie. This is how awesome it is.” - MA Haunted Houses

Listed as one of the “Top 10 Corn Mazes in America” - Travel Channel

“Zombie paintball is a blast! They really do it up:  from the briefing to the tour through the red zone with sarge, they put on a great show.” - Yelp Review