I Have A New Favorite Haunt (And You Can Too!)


“We live in a world where the frightening majority of haunted attractions will suck for everyone over the age of six and that’s why finding a great one feels like you’ve just been given a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in a neighborhood where everyone exclusively hands out Necco wafers.

Anyone can take a stranger’s money before dragging them into a dark room to make them scream. It takes more than a superficial understanding of what’s scary to make something special, and that’s exactly what the folks behind Hysteria at Connor’s Farm have achieved with their sprawling rural tribute to the best of the major holidays — that qualifier is there now that I’ve discovered Bolas de Fuego, in which the citizens of El Salvador celebrate volcanoes by hurling balls of fire into the sky.

Located just north of Danvers, Massachusetts, Connor’s Farm is another of those increasingly common “scream parks” where multiple Halloween-themed attractions accumulate in one place in order to reap maximum monetary gain from our shattered psyches.

Unlike the vast majority of the scream parks I’ve visited, Connor’s Farm offers more variety in their attractions. I got there at 9pm, leaving just enough time to conquer the flashlight maze and haunted farm. Skipping the zombie paintball was a tough decision, but it’s a sacrifice I had to make so that I could become who I was always meant to be.

For thirty glorious minutes, I was the indigenous man-fiend of the Connor’s corn maze.

The maze is meant to be more of a family affair, but I was far too busy hunting innocent maze-dwellers like a famished Velociraptor to care. It’s not lit so as to encourage you to navigate its strategically paved paths with the flashlight you’re given at its entrance. I shed those societal guidelines the moment I became the new me, eschewing lighted paths for darkness and a predator’s instinct.

Sure, I took a few cobs of corn to the face. Am I okay with that? Fuck yeah I am. Next question?

Also, the maze itself is themed, apparently, though I didn’t learn that until after the fact.

Now about that haunted farm. For starters, as haunt aficionados may already be aware, the average haunt tends to house roughly 15 minutes of scares. Connor’s Farm doubles that.

The last thing I’d want to do is go into specifics, as that would ruin the surprise. However, I will say that this haunt may have a set or two that will look familiar if you’ve seen any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre flicks or that one good Silent Hill movie.

That’s not to say Connor’s Farm rips its sets right out of the movies, it’s more subtle than that.

Continuing that comparison to movies is the general quality of the sets, several of which I could easily picture recreated on a Hollywood sound stage. They’re aided by the genuine 17th century cemetery and swamp that border the farm, as well as the general feeling of unease that settles in if you’ve spent far too much of your life in loud, busy cities. There’s something sinister about corn stalks, like every one of them is hiding a secret. Corn secrets.

Growing up in Kansas City, MO, I was always a short drive from some of the best haunts in the country. I spent a not-insignificant portion of my childhood inside The Beast’s disorienting rooms and roaming the five-stories that make up the now 40 year-old behemoth that is The Edge of Hell.

I didn’t know it at the time, but these dazzling haunts were ruining me. The bar had been raised high enough that could only be reached by a dozen or so haunts scattered all across the country. So when I say I found a stellar haunted house in a sea of pumpkins and corn bathed in spooky lighting and Rob Zombie tunes, you know I’m saying that with a very serious look on my face.

Seriously, if you live anywhere near Danvers, Massachusetts, make the trip. It’ll be worth it.”

This article was writen by Adam Dodd, Bloody-Disgusting.com


[911, what is your emergency?]

Hi, I just called. I’m still stuck at Connors Farm. I don’t see anybody. I’m really scared.

A frantic 911 call from a lost family at Connors Farm created a media frenzy, catapulted the popularity of their daytime and haunted attractions, and jump started their evolution into Hysteria: the premiere Halloween destination in Massachusetts. 


Each fall, the Connors family turns part of their farm into a themed maze where visitors come to “get lost.” Connors Farm has been involved in the Agritainment industry for several years. They have expanded their daytime operations to include numerous family activities as well as pick your own apples and pumpkins. Their fully stocked farmstand and countrykitchen, with their famous hot apple cider donuts, compliment the overall business and draws crowds each season.

In 2011, inside the Salem Village themed maze, a family had to be rescued by local authorities after literally getting lost in the field as darkness fell. The story received international attention from media in Ireland, England and Australia and domestic news outlets such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Associated Press. Television hosts Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler also joined in the fun and Saturday Night Live writers included the incident as part of their Weekend Update. This incident was explosive for business. Many guests that flocked to the farm to see the “911 maze” also took the opportunity to visit the haunted cornfield. Everyone wanted to visit the farm that was generating all the buzz on local radio, newspaper and television.

The incident was plastered on the front page of countless local and Boston area papers. Bob was bombarded by phone calls from news organizations from coast to coast. The day following the incident, he was interviewed by 12 different radio shows. Good Morning America wanted to fly him out to talk about what had happened at the farm. This incident created a buzz in the maze industry that has not been duplicated to this day.



HYSTERIA is proud to have been voted one of the Top 10 Scream Parks in America by Haunt World Magazine. With entertainment spread out over 50 acres, HYSTERIA has something for everyone. Take a walk through our Haunted Farm, where you will squeal and squirm at the sights and sounds of medical experiments gone wrong. HYSTERIA is located just minutes from the infamous site of the now demolished Danvers State Insane Asylum. Deep in the woods of our Haunted Farm is something you WON’T find in ANY other haunted attraction: an AUTHENTIC 17th Century Burial Ground. 


If you make it out of the Haunted Farm alive, you can embark on a mission to hunt the undead on the area’s ONLY Zombie Paintball Ride. As you journey into the “Red Zone” you become part of the chaos. You will be attacked from all angles as you do your best to annihilate the undead fiends. Will you return from your mission, or fall victim to the zombie horde?

For visitors who are looking for non-haunted fun, be sure to try our World Famous 7-acre Flashlight Maze. This maze made international headlines when a family literally “got lost” while inside.

In addition to the haunted attractions, HYSTERIA at Connors Farm boasts a fully stocked farmstand, a BBQ pit, music, bonfires and much more. Fire performers and sideshow acts will keep you entertained…and will make you question what your eyes just saw.

Be sure to visit us this Halloween season. Only 20 minutes north of Boston, and a few short miles from Salem: the Halloween capitol of the World. Come see why HYSTERIA at Connors Farm is THE premiere haunted destination in Massachusetts. It doesn’t get more REAL than this…



HYSTERIA at Connors Farm is proud to have been featured in Issue 37 of Hauntworld Magazine.

“Hysteria’s mission is to help their guests create positive memories that impact them long after they leave the attraction.  This mission shapes the overall haunt philosophy and culture at Team Hysteria.  There are many moving parts within the haunt and every facet must come together in order to deliver a first-rate performance each and every night. A focus on high caliber acting, quality costumes, strong themes and detailed sets create a realistic, haunted experience for guests that is sure to keep them coming back year after year..” Click the link below to read the full article…


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The lands at Connors Farm are rich in history that can be traced back for centuries. This site was home to Native American settlements, wartime activities, Underground Railroad tunnels, and connections to the families involved in the infamous Salem Witch Trials. After workers at the farm reported strange happenings and eerie feelings, the team at Para Boston was called in to investigate.

Their research and site visits spanned the course of several days. During their onsite investigation, the team recorded unexplained sounds which suggest that there may be some forces, energies, or spirits that reside on these historical grounds. Be sure to check out the video here. Come experience HYSTERIA for yourself and decide whether or not the grounds at Connors Farm are truly haunted. Don’t worry…there is nothing to be afraid of…right?